Introduction: My Favorite Books

6 Sep


After moving, I found a few of my favorite cookbooks and added to them.  I’m now keeping my favorites out on the counter.  The Vegetarian Recipes book on the right holds some of my favorite tried and true dishes.  This is the cookbook that taught me how to use spices and add flavor to healthy recipes.  Chris’ parents gave me this cookbook as a gift just last year.  I’ve loved experimenting with fresh pasta thus far, and I look forward to many more adventures.  The deep red book, well that’s just an old wine tasting journal that I’m hoping to revive.  Finally, there’s the newest addition in bright pink (I guess they know their audiences?) – the Flat Belly Diet Cookbook.  This is the diet I used 4 years ago, when I noticed that I was putting on some weight.  While I think a lot of the diet industry is fluff (and even some of the stuff in this book), the basic ideas of this diet mirror that of my heyday vegetarian recipes: Replace bad fats with good fats, and eat smaller portions more often.  While most of the recipes Chris and I post on this blog are more indulgent in nature, the truth is that we eat baked chicken and veggies most nights.  I plan to use this category to share adventures in adding new twists and flavors to a healthier diet.  Don’t worry, we still love food, and we will still definitely indulge from time to time – just not every night :).



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