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My Kitchen Is Now A Thug Kitchen

17 Apr

Spinach Cooler


I am in love with the recipes and photos on thugkitchen.com.  I’m planning on trying a few recipes this week.  There’s no finesse needed for this smoothie.  Frozen bananas, cucumber, spinach, pineapple, coconut water, orange juice, flax, and mint.  Toss it all in a blender and done.  It was good, but not perfect.  I feel like the banana overpowered everything a bit.  I’m going to tweak the recipe a bit the next time.  Maybe less banana, more pineapple.





The Perfect Ginger Pairing: Muffins and Cocktails

11 Mar

As explained in an earlier post, we’re often left with some soft, ripe delicious fruit at the end of the week.  This previous week, our fruit basket looked like this:

I decided to use these bananas and pears along with some fresh ginger in a breakfast/dessert muffin.  Yes that’s right, I wanted the muffin to rival that fabulous dress in every woman’s closet.  You know the one that she can wear during the day and then dress up for the evening by throwing on a pair of high heels.  I used a basic breakfast muffin recipe, but I replaced half of the sugar with brown sugar, and added a generous amount of banana, pear and ginger.

When mixing the dry ingredients with the wet, I mixed it on low until just a bit of dry ingredient was still visible.  I then added the pears and finished mixing the batter.  Once complete, I poured the batter into my favorite new silicone cupcake liners.  Last but not least, I added a lemon zest and brown sugar topping (this was to my cupcakes what a pair of high heels are for that day-to-night dress).

I baked them muffins at 375 for about 20 minutes, and there you go.  They came out beautiful and tasty.  I know I usually mention how me and my sous chef work together, but this time Chris was on the couch playing video games with a friend.

I had a good amount of ginger leftover, so while the muffins were baking and Chris was shouting at his game, I threw together a ginger simple syrup for an after dinner cocktail.  This essentially means taking sugar and boiling it in water.  Once the water had reduced, I added the ginger let it simmer a bit and then left it to steep in the syrup for about 30 minutes away from the heat.

I then strained the syrup to remove the ginger.

With the syrup ready to go and the muffins cooled, I divided the syrup into two glasses, and added ice, a shot of gin, and just enough diet tonic water (I thought the diet tonic water would be awful, but it turned out pretty good!).  As a final touch, I topped the cocktails off with a wedge of lime, and served my zombie video game boyfriend a ginger infused after dinner treat.

Short, sweet, and simple.  When I brought the dessert and drink over, Chris turned off the game, and relaxed with me.  The next morning I woke to one of our cats trying to steal what was Chris’ second muffin for breakfast.  I guess he, and our felines, approved of the ginger and fruit combination!  All in all, I was happy with my experiment, and they truly were perfect both in the morning and in the evening :).

A Good Use For Blackened Bananas

16 Jan

Every week we buy a bunch of bananas for breakfast.  And inevitably one or more end up as a gooey mess that we throw away because we forget to eat them in time.  But every so often if we remember, we make a delicious treat from these long yellow fruits.  This is one such treat.  Colleen has filled my tummy with tasty banana muffins (on multiple occasions), but this time we felt like something a little different.  So Colleen searched the interwebs high and low for a cupcake recipe with which to use these soon to be deceased monkey toys.  She found cupcakes with chocolate, peanut butter, lemon, honey, rutabaga (wtf) and more – but we set our sights on caramel and cinnamon. We decided to use Colleen’s new cupcake pans that come included with a handy spike in each cup, on which we planned to skewer a caramel candy.

The recipe had some odd proportions and instructions, which led Colleen to mix the sugar in with the dry ingredients instead of whipping it with the butter.  We weren’t really sure of the implications of this error, but went forward anyhow.

The butter, while light and fluffy, certainly didn’t cream together as smoothly as it does with the sugar added in.  And the egg didn’t mix well with the butter alone.  But once we added all the ingredients together, the resulting batter was business as usual (for a cupcake).  To top it off, we spiked the batter with a generous dose (ok, a Tbsp) of spiced rum.  Because we’re classy we used “Admiral Nelson’s” spiced rum, which was $5 cheaper than The Captain.  Admirals are ranked higher than captains right?

We poured a small amount of batter into the cups and then placed a caramel on each of their spikes.  We covered each caramel completely with the remaining batter.

350 degrees and 18 minutes later.  Well. 18 minutes…and then another 2 minutes…and then we swapped it around inside the oven (because the back cupcakes were browning faster than the front ones).  Finally another 2 minutes and voilà, beautiful golden, aromatic cupcakes wafting banana through the apartment.

We whipped up a cinnamon buttercream frosting.  It’s a blend of, you guessed it, butter, cream (cheese) and loads of sugar.  I filled a decorating bag and went to work icing the cupcakes.  Colleen has nothing to do with why they look like how I wrap my Christmas presents…  The frosting tasted delicious and spicy and there was way, way too much to use it all on the cupcakes.  This seems to happen every single time we make icing for cupcakes.

The finished product!  We saved them for dessert, but my stomach wasn’t feeling super so Colleen ate them and I watched with envy.  Colleen reports, they’re absolutely delicious (moist, sweet and spicy).  The caramel candy wasn’t as gooey as we had hoped, maybe next time we’ll try a caramel cream.  Later we had to shoo Stoli, one of our three cats, away from the platter, but not before she claimed one of the cupcakes for her own.  While we may let her keep rodents, she did not get to keep the cupcake.  Kitteh dibeetees iz srs bznass.  Srsly.

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